name story

With respect to the historical owners of this property the restaurant is named after the Estonian noble Maydell family.  Earlier records also note the spelling as Maidel and Maydel, Майдель in Russian. Nowadays, the buiding on Vene 6 is known as the House of Maydell, which together with the Masters Courtyard and surrounding buildings dates from the XIV to XX centuries.

The story of the Maidels in Estonia officially starts in 1241, when the Danish Book of Records mentions the village of Maidla in Rapla county. The same year also records the coat-of-arms of the Maydells in Tallinn. The first two known members of the family, Henneke and Willekin, were property owners in Tallinn from 1463. Willekin operated a butchery here. It is very probable that the Maydells were not immigrant rulers from the 13th century, but rather local Estonian noblemen.

Possibly it’s true that the village and manor in Rapla county is also named after the Maydells, but their name is definitely related to another location with the name Maidla in north-eastern Estonia by the Purtse river. The word „maidel“ refers to a certain type of fish in an old North-Estonian dialect, which also strengthens the validity of their local origin. Furthermore, the Maydell coat-of-arms depicts a stream with swimming fish.

Different records consider them as the biggest landlords in Estonia. In 1919 the family members owned 9 manors in Livonia and 17 in Estonia, 8 of which were situated in West-Estonia. After the land reform of our first republic, the Maydells only retained 4 of them: Paasvere in Simuna, Pootsi in Tõstamaa, Linnamäe in Urvaste and Teenuse in Kullamaa.


We are happy to serve food that is prepared from honestly and naturally grown ingredients. 50-80% of all components used are certified organic and of local origin. Ecologically produced food is free from harmful pesticide residue, genetically modified organisms, synthetic fertilisers and food additives. Organic meats, dairy and eggs come from animals that can move freely, enjoy the sun, breathe fresh air and eat clean food that native to their diet.

By consuming organic food you are doing a favour to yourself and our home planet.


In our wine list you will find organic, biodynamic and natural wines. Organic wines are made from grapes grown without synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. Furthermore, the additives that are used in the winemaking process are of natural origin. Also, some practices used in commercial wine production are forbidden and the amount of sulphites used is much lower. Biodynamic winemaking, which is a more philosophical approach, considers the vineyard as a spiritual whole ecosystem. Lunar phases are followed in all procedures, among other things, and the number of additives and amount of sulphites allowed is limited to a minimum. Natural wines are produced without any additives or manipulations, wild natural yeast always takes care of the fermentation. These wines - never fined and often unfiltered - are the artisan handcrafted creations of small producers.


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